Hi there!
My name is Michelle and im a Macquarie University student in Sydney, Australia, undertaking my masters of research in biological science. My main research interests lie in animal behaviour, communication and evolution. I also completed a bachelor of arts- psychology at Macquarie University. I hope to one day use my applied behavioural research in the understanding, protection and conservation of Australian mammals. On a personal note, I love to travel and have spent many years and many dollars devoted to exploring different continents, countries and cultures. If one day I could combine my love of travel and animal research into a career I would be over the moon!

The aim of my blog is to attend new and exciting seminars in the field of biology and report back for you to enjoy. Science is very much for everybody as it involves learning about our world and the amazing way in functions. Who is interested in that?!
So thanks for visiting my blog and ill do my best to keep you updated on whats new in biology and all that is weird and wonderful in the world of science!

enjoy 🙂


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